Yarn of a Different Color


Are you inspired to make something for your children or special people in your life? I am. I get obsessed with making the perfect thing, especially when there is a significant event coming up. Quilted things are not always the perfect gift. So I took a break from quilting this week.

My middle daughter is planning a ski trip with friends for Spring Break in March. She is a Sophomore in college and living at home, so this a perfect time for her to do this. I want to help her get ready for this big time, and warm clothes are sparse in my southern girl’s closet. We have shopped for scarves, caps, and warm socks. Friends are loaning her ski gear, so she is ready for the slopes. I decided to crochet another scarf, one she can wear when she’s not skiing.

I chose a beautiful teal suede yarn from my stash and started a 10″ wide scarf. As I finished the first skein, I realized that I had only one more. Not enough to make it as long as she likes, I decided to make it as long as possible and join the ends, making an infinity scarf. Unfortunately, she already has one of that style and wants this one to be long, to her knees. If I had started with a 7″ width, the length would have been perfect.

My yarn stash is a couple of years old. Most of the yarns are still available. I saw them all yesterday when I went to three places searching for my beautiful teal suede yarn. My sweet husband went with me, so the fourth shop was not an option.

I considered adding a different color on the ends of the scarf, but that didn’t fly. Long tassels of the same color, different yarn? Nope. Backup plan – youngest daughter likes this scarf just fine!

Gabrielle's Scarf


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