Set Your Timing – Or Your Timer


I’ve tried this and it’s true. When I just don’t want to get to work, even when it’s on a project I normally enjoy, I set a mental timer. Work on this quilt for 30 minutes, Ramona. Spend 15 minutes cutting, 15 minutes sewing. Without fail, getting started is the tough part for me. I’ve soon logged in an hour or two. And once again, the accomplishment fuels my fire.

This little panel started as a burp cloth for Lucas before he was born. Then it became the basis for a story. I wrote the narrative and sketched several more animals. It is so much fun, because I can just imagine his daddy reading it to him for the next several years. I plan to construct this as a cloth picture book, with the narrative attached, but in a separate format. Whatever form it takes, this is sure to be one-of-a-kind. I love every aspect of this project, yet others have taken priority and I have set aside “Spot and His Big Red Ball”.

Spot and his Big Red Ball (front and back)

Now I need to focus on this picture book for 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week, and let momentum step up the pace on completing it. Each page is quilted using Quilters Dream Angel Batting and is the approximate size of a dinner placemat. Finished, it will be about 20 pages. If I work 4 hours a day, I could possibly complete it in 30 days, including binding and printing the book. We’ll see about that.  I also have 5 quilts in various stages, and another ready for quilting.  Hmmm…. back to the uncluttered work table advice and staying focused on one thing at a time!


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