Divide and knock it out!


I awoke this morning to a clean, ready-to-sew work table.  The only thing keeping me from finishing that baby quilt was winding bobbins and changing my sewing foot to quilting foot on my Viking sewing machine.  I wound several bobbins so I wouldn’t have to stop and wind while quilting.  Then I tackled the frustrating job of changing my foot.  This machine isn’t quilter foot friendly.  I promised myself that was the only job I had to do for the time-being.  Of course, once I got the machine ready, I could hardly wait to sew.  I got a good start on the quilting before stopping for lunch.  The thread keeps breaking, so I’ll find another spool before I resume sewing.

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My spirit is light having taken up where I left off last July.  My baby Lucas will be playing on this quilt before long.  He is my sweetheart grandson.  He isn’t walking yet at 5 1/2 months, but like me, he will soon be taking baby steps.



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