Getting Started – on anything


On the topic of procrastination, I offer a few tips to disarm that cruel thief.  A jipper of time and energy, procrastination prevents me from accomplishing my goals, developing my ideas and doing housework.  Today and in a few days following, I will share some of my hard-learned lessons for powering through the beast to the satisfaction and pride that accomplishment brings.

First, I need space to think.  I am by nature a “messy” person.  I don’t see my desk as messy; to my eye, everything is easily accessible.  However, there are times when I need clean, uncluttered space so I can stay focused on my plan or project.  Otherwise, I am too easily distracted and progress suffers.  Notice in the pics below, I am preparing to complete an unfinished quilt – one I abandoned last July!

         Before cleaning, I had four projects and two books on getting organized spread over my work table.  Now I can concentrate on the one project I want to finish.   My other projects are in the places they belong.

I have pinned and ironed my quilt sandwich and I’m ready to quilt on my home machine.  So relaxing in My (straight) Fabric Nook!  I’ve taken one big step toward accomplishment in just 30 minutes.  I also cleaned dirty dishes while waiting for my iron to get hot.  Take that, Procrast!


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