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Choosing Quilters Dream Batting

Quilters Dream Batting made me fall in love the first time I used it for a “serious” quilt. I regretted not having used it on my practice pieces. It has a wonderful hand and drapes just beautifully.

Many quilters ask me which batting should be used for their quilts. The answer has been made simple by the great folks at Quilters Dream Batting. I refer you to the Quilters Dream Users Guide. It covers many applications and general guidelines for each of the types and lofts of battings made by Quilters Dream.

My sweet husband didn’t appreciate my love of sewing and quilting until I presented him with this quilt top for Christmas. Now he can’t wait for it to be finished! I want a slightly puckered, old-fashioned finish. It will be hand-quilted (by a friend of my mother’s, not me). We need just a light quilt for warmth in January here in Mississippi, so I want it to be light weight for that reason. I also want to minimize weight for the quilting and binding processes. So, I have narrowed my choices to Dream Cotton, either Request or Select weight. The difference in the two is minimal.
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Now, I’d like to have your opinion. Which loft would you choose for this quilt and why? The finished blocks are 10.5″ with 1″ sashings. The back is a small floral pattern.

Finished block size 10.5″. Don’t mind the camera distortion. It really is square!

“Samsara” fabric with added “Magnolias” Rowan Fabrics

Quilt backing, “Samsara”.


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